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Frequently Asked Question.

We are open Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m.–7:30 p.m. (Japan time).
We are closed on the following days:
・ Saturday and Sunday
・ New Year's Holiday (several days around New Year’s Day)
・ Golden Week (several days between April and May)
・ Summer Holiday (several days in mid-August)
・ Seminar Sessions (a few days throughout the year)
Please note that long holidays such as New Year's, Golden Week, and Summer Holiday 
will differ in length each year. Specific dates will be announced as the season approaches.
Primarily English, however, it is possible to discuss business in other languages.
No, these fees are not included in our FOB pricing. The term “FOB Price,” as seen on SK Japan Export’s website, 
refers to the vehicle’s price only. Freight charge should be added to the FOB price when you purchase the vehicle from us. 
After receiving the vehicle, you will be responsible for paying port clearing costs, import duties, taxes and 
any additional fees required by your country or the port of discharge. 
Please contact local authorities or a reputable clearing agent for further details. 
We provide up to 10-15 detailed pictures of the vehicle to help with your buying decision.
No, we are not allowed to put anything inside the vehicle unless it is shipped by container.
strongly suggested that prior to importing a vehicle, you research what is expected of you as 
a vehicle importer in your country and understand all risks and responsibilities.
It is the “final estimate” in the form of an invoice based on the chosen vehicle and shipping conditions. In order to receive the Proforma Invoice, please follow the steps below. 
1. Visit our website and click on the vehicle you like to buy and click on “FREE QUOTE” to send us an inquiry.
2. Once our staff responds to your inquiry, we can begin the negotiation process.
3. If both you and SK Japan Export reach an agreement on pricing and conditions, you will be notified as such.
4. You will receive the Proforma Invoice.
Primarily, we accept payment in U.S. dollars. However, under certain circumstances, Japanese yen is also accepted. No other currencies are accepted. 
Please note that all payments must be in the form of a bank remittance so that the buyer and seller 
have official written record of the payment transaction. Under no circumstances do we accept any form of cash.
Currently we accept payments via bank wire transfer only
No, we do not provide receipts. The bank remittance provides an official written record of the payment transaction for both the buyer and seller.
Please allow a minimum of three (3) business days for your bank remittance to be reflected in our bank account. 
While this delay may cause some inconvenience, it is the average amount of time required for interbank transactions.
For some countries, a pre-export inspection is mandatory prior to exporting the vehicle. 
Please visit your country’s appropriate government authorities to obtain all required pre-export inspections lists. 
It has been reported that while many countries in the past have not enforced this regulation, 
they are beginning to impose large fines for violations. 
Please make sure that the condition of your purchase is inspection inclusive if such is mandatory by your country’s government.
The buyer is responsible for all bank fees. Please confirm the cost of this fee with your 
bank before closing the purchase agreement with our staff.
There is no IBAN Code for Japanese banks. Please instruct your bank to use the Swift Code.
You, as an importer, are supposed to receive the following documents: 
1. Bill of Lading (B/L)
2. Insurance Document (if your purchase is CIF)
3. Export Certificate (also called the “Deregistration Certificate” or “Cancellation of Registration” form)
4. Commercial Invoice
If your government requires, we will also send you the following:
5. Inspection Certificate
6. Export Permit (also called the “Bill of Entry”)
Shipping companies require that full information be provided. 
The B/L is an official document that determines/proves the owner of the cargo and, therefore, 
the consignee's full name and address, as written on his/her passport or ID must be used. 
・ Your booking will be delayed by the shipping company if the consignee’s full name and address are not provided. Complete information must be provided.
The consignee”s name cannot have any spelling mistakes. 
Even the smallest error can be subject to a B/Lamendment, which may cost you additional fees and time.
Absolutely not! Altering information on the B/L or on any other documents we provide you is illegal.               
SK Japan Export does not participate in illegal actions, regardless of the reason.  
Yes. "My Account" lists the DHL tracking number once your documents are processed for dispatch.                 
The tracking number on your "My Account" will change to a DHL tracking log if you click on the number.
No: because we sell Japanese vehicles previously owned and operated in Japan, any provided manual will be in Japanese.
It depends. If you do not find spare keys in the vehicle’s glove compartment,  
then they are not provided. You will be responsible for making copies when you receive the vehicle.
Definitely! Please do not hesitate to let us know what you are looking for. 
Our staff will do our best to find the vehicle that best suits your request.
Yes, we can. Please tell us what you want us to install before asking for the Proforma Invoice.              
Unfortunately, this is not possible as we do not allow anyone into our storage yard for security reasons. 
However, you can visit our office. To do so, please schedule an appointment in advance.
We do our best to ship your vehicle so that you receive it in a timely manner.                             
The durations given below are from the designated Japanese port to your port of discharge. 
Please note that they are estimates based on our past experience and are not guaranteed. 
Africa: approximately 3–5 weeks to travel from Japanese port to your port    
Georgia: approximately 6 weeks to travel from Japanese port to your port    
Caribbean: approximately 3–5 weeks to travel from Japanese port to your port  
Pacific Region: approximately 1 week to travel from Japanese port to your port  
South America: approximately 4 weeks to travel from Japanese port to your port  
Please visit "My Account" to view the progress of your shipment.          
Please visit your "My Account" to view the progress of your shipment.          
No, it is not. However, you can complete 60 percent of the entire customs clearing procedure using               
PDFs of the B/L. The rest requires the original B/L to be turned in.    
Unfortunately, we cannot. Shipping companies issue only one set of the B/L per cargo, regardless of requests for additional copies.                    
Registration is required. After registration is completed, you can buy any car that you want.