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Tier: At least 9-B at weakest, up to 9-A| 9-A| 2-A| Unknown, at Ask blog for any questions about Homestuck god tiers. They're also Caliborn's denizen, appearing in Earth's core after Caliborn brought Earth into his session. You aren't limited to one character, meaning you can join in every session if that strikes your fancy. here are the crook and the scourge, whose concepts belong to diamond-dangeresque. The strings of fate have been altered, and four sessions now drift together, four sets of players must stand together against the coming darkness, or die alone. homestuck homestuck2 pesterquest dave strider john egbert rose lalonde jade harely dirk strider roxy lalonde jake english jane crocker knight of time heir of breath seer of light But that's A Thing within the Homestuck community, so we can't rally around that. View all · Just a Fan session for Homestuck. TGP tends to get marked as IDPGeneric because it’s an executable from an unknown source that does things with internet and files, and that scares antivirus programs Homestuck Fantroll Roleplay Community. (It would even make double plus sense because any time we make up new sessions the only thing they'd have in common is the game Sburb. Classpect analysis a blog where you can send your asks about classpects, I'm only going to be doing analyses about the powers and personalities of each classpect for now but later I'll do analyses about quests, planets, and maybe someday fan made classpect combos May 19, 2011 · In ‘Standard’ Sessions, active players dream on Derse and passive Players dream on Propsit. See more ideas about Homestuck, Homestuck trolls and House swap. Don't say we didn't warn you. We compete, ship, strife, abscond, and curse our way to either our doom or success. Two full sets of classes and aspects are allowed, as they are two full sessions  Homestuck SBURB Simulator, see how millions of non canon sessions turn out, then bug and fuss and meddle to change things. ROSE: The new session is essentially our session, rebooted with different parameters which also affected the original conditions of our universe. Another RP Sburb session, the Omega Session! There is no limit to characters, so sign up by posting on AndroiDiamond's message wall! Other session: The Zeta Session Mirrors, mirrors everywhere! A Homestuck blog that analyzes your fan sessions. I'm your host, the Page of Space. Song: Little Lion Man Artist: Mumford & Sons Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie and can be found at Homestuck Fan Theories example of a good quality Homestuck Theory. Considering the structure and themes of the story, I think everybody that's a fan tried to think of his own version of SBURB. Their rivalries and ridiculously elaborate competing plans entail 2pooky paranormal phenomena Jan 26, 2019 - iicel: “ Karkat talking about how the only “leaderly” things to do on the meteor involved cuddle sessions with Dave got me thinking ” Stay safe and healthy. Many Homestuck fans are creators as well: writers, artists, and musicians,  Since there's no canon to support my thoughts behind fan classes or fan Much like how a Knight represents what a session lacks, Pages represent what a  Q1: Where do you spend the most time online doing Homestuck-related stuff? decide to start their own session, dooming the Earth to a meteor apocalypse. Homestuck God Tier Charm - Hero of Hope. Nepeta Leijon. Safe for work only in here, please! For roleplay containing adult content please use the adult sub-forum. Ask blog for any questions about Homestuck god tiers. There are only a few player slots left. Act 8 got carried away with characters complaining and lampshading stuff about the comic, which was funny but got in the way of plot developments for a long time. , Alternate May 21, 2016 · Homestuck’s concept of death makes it the perfect environment for creator-fan interaction. Because a lot of OCs are made for fan sessions, put the name of the session as the header to this section. See more ideas about Homestuck, Homestuck dave and Striders. Poor Rose. i did and thought it was weird so i never read further then the first two pages. With some of the text written by my friends. Please, send me an ask detailing your SBURB session's group. It takes quite a lot to be worse than nothing. Shows the latest entries first. dmx From the Fan Made game of Undertale. May 28, 2018 · The Genesis Project is a Unity-based game project that aims to replicate Sburb, the universe creating game as seen in the webcomic Homestuck. In this time of straight dudes and fujoshis the predominant ships were stuff like John/Rose, Jade/Dave, John/Dave (Jade/Rose was not really popular due to the lack of interaction) and unfortunately; Dave/Rose and John/Jade; and of In the 'Fan Community' article, there is a good lump of missing information. In Homestuck, Hussie's self-insertion makes him into a full-blown character, which he uses in part to make comments to his fans and on fan culture, appearing several times dressed up in cosplay, in one case complete with smearing grey body paint and quickly-broken troll horns, both a staple of Homestuck cosplayers at American conventions at the i don’t think VE can expressly avoid the title to some extent. All sessions . This world could not have a more appropriate villain than Lord English, who insists on a single correct canon and has the power to enforce it. Not all players who are related to the color red become time players, for example, Karkat was Candy Red blooded, but he is a Blood Player, and not all time players have to Homestuck bridged 00s and 10s fandom culture by mixing 00s hostility and flame wars to 10s fan content culture. Almost sold out. 12. from SBURB OST by The Homestuck Fan Musicians. An large set of universes and sessions are LE’s playground. Dave with his eye color and Aradia/Damara and their blood color, Burgundy, which is a form of red. video  Sandswept is an in-progress Homestuck Fan Adventure, stemming from a joke AndrewHussie made regarding the session that created the trolls' session. That’s how this false god tier costume was obtained. Facepaint is required for all ask sessions unless an event is taking place, such as a humanstuck AU. After the End: It's hinted by uu that the world they come from is dead, a "DESOLATE ROCK" with a "HuNDRED BILLION CORPSES FERTILIZING THE SOIL. And just general accidental competence. Producer Ryosuke Hara explains what separates this game from the many other entries & teased 'the doors aren’t closed' for 'DBS' DLC. The other piece of the LE’s Domain = Homestuck puzzle is of course the house-shaped Juju, and the weird powers John gets from touching it. Humans and Trolls, prepare for the fight of your lives. I write a lot about Homestuck's SBURB, God Tier and Land Quest (aka “Classpect”) system and I have a variety of clickable tags/links here about different topics related to it where you can find all my posts about said topics such as Aspect, Class, Derse or Prospit, Class Active/Passive Spectrum An unofficial subreddit for Homestuck, Homestuck^2, Hiveswap, Pesterquest and the works of Andrew Hussie. no amount of official recognition or popularity can really take that out of the equation. In the game, the server player is able to manipulate the client's environment in real time in a manner reminiscent of The Sims. just dumping ideas. The Prince of Time has the ability to timejump to an alternate timeline in which a target of his choice is destroyed or dead. Spawning points set in single player won't work very well in multiplayer. we finally have the two Epilogues of Homestuck. regardless of how you slice it, VE was formulated as being that and it is a fan created work that is predicated on a basis that HS set up. By and large, the comic and its setting could be described as whimsical, and I mean that in the best way, but it’s also grandiose. OPEN (Males Only) 1: 5: Characters List for Session 1 by twineyedHealer Feb 5, 2013 20:28:13 GMT -5: Session 2. Fans typically are interested in even minor details of the object(s) of their fandom and spend a significant portion of their time and energy involved with their interest, often as a part of a social network with particular practices (a fandom); this is what Homesick is the third studio album by American rock band A Day to Remember, produced by Chad Gilbert and the band, and released in February 2009. By making Homestuck’s afterlife infinite, and not limiting it to characters from the alpha timeline, he validates fan creations in a way the vast majority of authors don’t, and in doing so he’s created an amazing environment for new writers and Sub-boards: SBURB Roleplay, Homestuck Roleplay, Other Roleplay. so too did the active and passive sessions switch: the former universe was Scratched out of Jun 1, 2016 - OCs of Homestuck. Yaldabaoth is the rarest, most powerful, and most inhospitable of the denizens, and is "usually designated for the most naturally May 08, 2012 · Multiplayer is a bit quirky when it comes to spawning. A pair of aliens from another universe who are in contact with the Post-Scratch Kids. - The plotlines here do not connect up with the canon events of Homestuck, which means this is an OC-only RP. A null session in Sburb is any session of the game that is doomed to failure. when you went to a con in homestuck cosplay and anyone else in homestuck cosplay was instantly your friend and you could hang out for the rest of the day and go to the photoshoot together really just seeing people with homestuck shirts on anywhere and being instantly friends, that fandom may have been a mess but hell if it wasn’t the best fun Weapons to be used wth my Homestuck character models. Take the person’s aspect and think of 4 words that you feel when you think about it. i then became of fan DISCLAIMER 1: All guests that we announce have committed to attend the show. 31 Dec 2016 #homestuck · #homestuck land analysis · #land analysis · #homestuck land · # homestuck lands · #sburb rp · #sburb session · #sburb · #fan . Similar to a 'Zero Player Game'  Queens usually “rule” the session, or at least try to control it, and almost exclusively work toward their own ends. Fan Nickname: Before Jade's actual name was revealed, forum members often called her "Gigi" (get it?). Homestuck Dirk's Hat Cosplay Tee. Ultimate x Homestuck is the name of the 1st pack in Homder's Fighter Pass made in collaboration between Nintendo, Sora Ltd and WhatPumpkin. There’s a lot of text in the game, and translating all of it is no easy task. There is a post to go by right over here; Feb 20, 2014 · Rolestuck is a forum made for roleplaying sessions for the web-comic "Homestuck", here you will be able to create your own fan-characters/trolls and use them to play sessions of the game "Sburb" or "Sgrub" for the trolls. Homestuck Hero of Time. Honest Game Trailers recounts the stiff combat and even stiffer dialogue of a game straight out of the 90s. Books at Amazon. Smut, fluff, longfic, kinkmeme fills: everything is good! This is an all-inclusive community, meaning that anybody can submit readings, even if you are an author reading your… { Oh, yeah-! I have received so many Homestuck’s asks this time and it’s so cool uwu I will answer to everyone, don’t worry-! } ♒ Eridan Ampora ♒ ~ He is such a difficult person who has high standards (even if they are not really so high but he wants to seem busy and desired, and we know it’s not true). I realize that it’s been nine months since the last post on this blog, and even then it wasn’t an analysis but a call made by the mods that because we had all become so busy, we opted to close the inbox. For example, fan input strongly influenced the first few “acts” of the actual comic! Nov 22, 2016 · Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck was a vast, sprawling, impenetrable, hostile webcomic, and it only become harder to define as its popularity grew and its volume stretched toward a million words&#82… 2) My Headcanon: Time players almost always are related to the color red. HOMESTUCK has influenced a new generation of fan interaction with content. and characters, and a Tumblr where he ran occasional Q and A sessions. Depending on what kind of land you have, they either show up as as a hill with a pipe, a hill with a simple building or a pyramid. Because there is supposed to be 40+ God Tier Yaldabaoth is the self-proclaimed god of all monsters, is Dirk's denizen in the Land of Tombs and Krypton, who shares a name with Dirk's browser of choice. Please, send me an ask detailing your SBURB session's  Helixburb is a homestuck fan session with 24 players; 12 humans and 12 trolls. ROSE: And strangely, it seems the new one is a null session as well, but within a much less common subset of all null sessions. Asks are always open. Alienoid's Fantrolls. - Homestuck Tools : classpect quizzes, prompt generators, quirk tools, instant messaging programs, browser extensions and a lot of cool apps created by the fandom. 00:00. So here is a little guide! Start with a title. Queens often find new ways to exploit their  A page for creating new RP sessions or session ideas. The smart ones probably realized that unless you have a full, reliable team, doing the comic justice with a real game based on it is either madness or it would take a fuckton of time. I WANNA WRITE FAN-SESSIONS WITH MY OCS!!! *pouts* May 23, 2012 · Wow damn Chesh actually put up another Homestuck video, shit look at this kid go. Homestuck Terezi Hoodie. 2 aims to create an implementation of the game sburb, (from the webcomic Homestuck) in Minecraft. They also use the same word for "friend" as "enemy. It contains several Multiversal-Megaversal chars and has a very interesting story line and is very funny. All Aspects are intertwined and I will explain why. Overseert is a free text-based roleplaying game based on Homestuck's SBURB system, featuring Alchemy, Strifing, Denizens, Quests and more Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: $0 A place to create your own fan sessions and adventures. - Homestuck Music Resources: references, sheet music, commentary, track information, fan album archives and more. You may edit the page to add new ideas, or 30 Oct 2019 I've been poking around a few session analysis blogs and I can't seem to Please help a fan out and explain everything pertaining to the Heir of Space its mostly a joke, but so is homestuck. Just another blog about the shitty fantrolls of the beautiful Homestuck fandom. Homestuck is, believe it or not, intended to be a comedy. Helixburb is a homestuck fan session with 24 players; 12 humans and 12 trolls. com Books homepage helps you explore Earth's Biggest Bookstore without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. My character was the Rogue of Time, a need-to-know detail, because she could steal short parts of ti Aug 08, 2013 · So, this is a fan session for Homestuck me and the aforementioned orenji-orenji have been doing! We have 24 trolls, 12 ancestors and eight humans! This particular video features two of our post A Homestuck blog that analyzes your fan sessions. About 8,000 pages. Bronze Yellow Lime Olive Cerulean Indigo All aboard the fantroll train CHOOCHOO Darvil is a rust blood whos lusus died in an acciedent And was saved by a yellow blood that I will post a skin of later. ;) ***Contacts are not obligatory, we realize those are troublesome for some cosplayers! [Insert super nice, complementary fan letter directed at our cast/blog here!] Nov 05, 2017 · The said contents include; whatever my take was from Worm and Homestuck. The game is known as Sgrub to the trolls. > Jun 16, 2015 · I am Dahni, an INTP, Witch of Light and Derse Dreamer In The Land of Fog and Reflection. gg/homestuck if you want to chat with fellow fans. " Which leads inevitably to the question of how seriously one should take that statement, since it was said in a conversation between two trolls; if we assume that the statement is true, then it couldn't have been made in the first place because trolls wouldn't understand the distinction. There's always that one reluctant member of the group, after all! Skaia isn’t in yet. I’ve seen enough to So, after running almost nothing but crazy Homestuck RP's for over a year, I've decided to do something completely different: Run a normal Homestuck RP. The two are one and the same. The Black King is designed to be the main villain of SBurb, but not of Homestuck (that title goes to Lord English instead). Curious about the world of Alternia, or the sessions worlds, or how things work in homestuck? Here you can post your headcanons and facts! 3: 27: Who wants to talk about ships, speculations, and theories? by forbiddenfandom May 28, 2016 · Homestuck is a world with multiple creators, an amazing world of infinite possibility which accepts fan contributions on a practically equal footing to the main story. Basically my main jam is Classpect I spend hours of spare time just trying to crunch out more sense of everything we don’t yet know about the remaining titles. What kind of graphic novels are you looking for? At VIZ, we love manga and are looking for dynamic paneling, skillful black-and-white artwork and compelling stories that keep readers hooked. First off, the fans themselves are a major part of the community. Davekat What Is Tumblr Homestuck Drawing Reference Cute Art Photo Wall Arts And Crafts Fandoms Fan Art VK is the largest European social network with more than 100 million active users. I will do godtier explaining, inversion explinations, and I would also love to hear your ideas on anything from abilities to powers. Fandom Nod: Many, as Hussie considers Homestuck a conversation between fandom and author. She always seems to make your lips meld together in perfect harmony, as May 15, 2016 · moustachefirebender asked: Can you make a map of the WHOLE HOMESTUCK UNIVERSE, like, where is the kids' earth physsically, respect of their sessions and alternia and his session, and the number of frogs in the WHOLE homestuck universe, and If you can't you know of a blog that could? Feb 25, 2013 · It’s in Act 6 that the fan shipping has more of an influence (at least according to my kids), and that’s what I’m wary about. Homestuck pokes fun at just about every aspect of pop culture, modern media, the Internet, video games, movies, almost anything. Guitarkind, also known as AXEKIND is the kind abstratus of Elena Jones and Phoebus Anima, although it went by two different names in the respective users' sessions. Djinn can't correct a glitch, however, because they can only control one aspect despite often understanding the rest of the glitch as well. Trolls consider friendship a disease. 0: 0: No posts have been made on this board. Dec 26, 2019 · Homestuck encourages fan creativity to an unprecedented extent, rewarding some talented fans with the ability to add to the canon of their favorite work. It was the first kind abstratus for both users. X Super Smash Bros. It even makes fun of itself on more than one Homestuck Writings. Briefly outline their interest in the game and whether they want to play it or not. Fan Community Nicknames: Homestucks, as in "Nick is a Homestuck". It's a bit like roleplaying, except not at all. You don't know why, maybe he's crazy ? He looks lame and not very friendly. Sessions. Anonymous said: Hi there! Do you mind getting me a Homestuck matchup? I'm ENFP-T, a gay transguy, and work as a high school gym coach. Yeah, I was told during a walkthrough – okay, more like informed through an ask message – that Gamzee is a fan of Lord English. Yeah I know, unoriginal. ★ Links ★ ★ Welcome and FAQ ★ Tags and Explanations ★ do you have any homestuck bases for the kinda sprite like John is in the first ever page of HS? kamviu-deactivated20170407 They should be under a tag called ‘sprite’ and can also be found very easily with a search of ‘homestuck sprite base’ on Google. I will analyze it for you, and detail how the session might go, each member's role, and your chance of success. So a looot of my followers were asking me how I make lands. Include each member's god tier title, and a few words about each of their personalities. As the game sessions tick down into their final hours, the players spin up into frenzied action. well, at the end of 7th grade, a girl named ashly [who i was pretty good acquaintances with] asked me if i knew about a webcomic called homestuck; i didn’t, but she told me to check it out. The third rule of the comic is that for the first several acts, the story was partially decided by fandom suggestion. sessions\phototshopfloweyref. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A & B And the more I read Homestuck the more I feel as if the Sylph being Active may not be so far-fetched. This RP requires some advanced RP as we'll be going along with the Webcomic's style of narrative letting you, your actions and your interactions decide the fate of your A place to create your own fan sessions and adventures. Light and Void: Chaos, Order, Nothing and Rose, with her creative writing and the fan drawings on her wall, is the sort of character anyone who had artistic aspirations in their youth can relate to. I do s4s. but i think it is connected with those sessions. If any of you who ask about Sessions and run a fan-session in RP, or games or the MSPA Character Ranking. Fantroll Creation Guide Hello! I see you’re new to making a fantroll, and/or you’re referencing back here to help your character get a little bit better. OPEN. are all points in history as they were in Hivebent. art challenge - art challenge + art challenge 30 day + art challenge character + art  It continued through creator and fan drama, to the chagrin of hotel managers, convention-goers, and parents of teenagers. The Muse’s outfit is also as leveled as can be! I still can’t quite get a perfect read on the Knight though but maybe that just means the Knight is a flexible Class. Sale > Fan Forge > Contests > Community > Artists & Partners Homestuck Vodka Mutini 3-Sticker Pack by Babakinkin. She’s been a fan of Homestuck longer than me, and is a great person. Sburb is the human name for a sandbox-style game that takes place superimposed over the real world, rather than in a virtual space. No admins needed atm Mar 01, 2017 · Maybe Homestuck's ending just set the bar fantastically low for me. A shitty OC to be the plot mule. We saw a few of his chat sessions with John in act one, I have been a sci-fi and fantasy fan since I was a teenager homestuck Rose Lalonde and Roxy Lalonde Rose and Roxy Lalonde. Whatever. This blog serves to not only explain key concepts that exist within Homestuck but also give an explanation for it's tiering as a whole. Today, I'm going to do one on the infamous web comic known as Homestuck. I believe there is a plugin (a mod for multiplayer) that allows the server operator to change certain settings in the game, along with the option to create a fixed spawn point instead of the regular 20x20 spawn area. don't forget to credit and link back if you use and/or Jun 22, 2016 · Essentially, because of HOMESTUCK, ask blogs now exist as a popular facet of Tumblr culture for other fandoms. Meat and Candy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Minestuck Mod 1. Shenanigans ensue. But, since fan feedback is a part of Homestuck, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. 26 Dec 2019 Homestuck is a webcomic, first published by Andrew Hussie in April 2009. Sep 30, 2013 · Just a quick video made with edited pictures from the webcomic! They were all edited by me, except the one at 01:50. The Homestuck Podfic blog looks to promote and archive audio readings of Homestuck fanfic of all types. (How Hiveswap, Friendsim, and Pesterquest fits into this is unknown at this time)We open up with Ultimate Dirk having a conversation with Rosebot. don't forget to credit and link back if you use and/or edit them, thank you! click download for fullview! Forums Homestuck: New sessions (AU) Ancestors (Trolls only) FuyuSeishin12 Great trolls from a different session that have failed but decided to scratch after creating the new universe that will pick up from where they left off. I tend to go with the flow that the author is setting up rather than trying to tell him what to do. The Black Kingdom of Derse is one of the two kingdoms in the Incipisphere, Derse wages unending war against The White Kingdom of Prospit striving for Skia's destruction. Apr 21, 2020 · Fannish rambling, random reblogs, and fic Ask questions or give me prompts here! My Fanfic on AO3 OtherCat on Dreamwidth My original fic writing journal Catching Shadows on Dreamwidth Check out my Number Three: Homestuck is ruthlessly lighthearted. Submit fanart, cosplay and discussions of all kinds! We also have an unofficial Homestuck Discord server available at https://discord. Har har har, that was…that was actually okay. Homestuck’s art style is fast and loose to accommodate the update schedule and the breezy adventure comedy tone, but it achieves moments of beauty as well. You'd think a film that was 70% laughing and dancing would be more upbeat, but it's really a VIZ Originals is a new imprint of VIZ Media dedicated to publishing original graphic novels developed by manga-inspired creators. A two and a half-fold apocalypse gambit. After the destruction of Earth, Sburb's failsafe has kickstarted a chaotic session where millions of players will homestuck fantroll fan session p0key's art p0key's ocs grylli tampou dazere pevull marsha shriev plahos sheksp martir soushe esspia ipstyr murrma ykkosi atalan xersiz artura ypiret cheira urruhr saffoh sireen mimisi vaskra Homestuck > Slime Rancher > Hatsune Miku > Guild Wars 2 > Puglie > Warframe > D&d > SEE ALL FANDOMS. A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. Our goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues in touch. A boy stands in front of his bedroom door. I’ll be tagging my answers #miaanswers and hers will be #weenieponders. just dunno what caused it yet. RP page for Nepeta Leijon. It's an entirely new iteration of the entire multiverse of Homestuck, and this is supported by the fact that all sessions seen freely interacting with one-another, there are changes before the games start, a doomed Aradia calling Duplicate Meulin "neither offshoot nor alpha," and the Green Sun's creation occurs in the story. Jan 12, 2017 · Tagged homestuck, homestuck theory, reblog, sburb Leave a comment There is another theory saying that the crowbar wield by Slick is a juju who cancel other juju attribute (so in this case cancel the fact that the katana is unbreakable, making it breakable) and this explanation is a bit more rational. Hello, followers. Mike from the PBS Idea Channel said Rose was initially his favorite, but Dave ended up replacing her (at least at the time the video was released back in 2012). He was a huge fan of yours and was really looking forward to meeting you. Homestuck itself is LE’s playground. As is standard practice at comic convention and fan events around the country, they have the right to cancel their appearance, panels, special events, autograph or photo op sessions if there are circumstances that require it such as a film project, illness or force majeure. Two full sets of classes and aspects are allowed, as they are two full sessions that link up. The largest centralized Homestuck fan community. ) So yeah. I do not do class analyses myself, nor do I take requests about sessions, relationships, fan trolls/kids, fan session, weapons, lands, fights, etc of any kind. If you would like to check out examples of my art or request something non-homestuck related (whether it be art or writings), please check out my personal @cacoethesism. What do you want in the Homestuck adventure game? by Oakleaf Apr 11, 2015 3:12:22 GMT -5: Headcanons and Opinions. Come one, come all and make your very own Homestuck inspired adventure! Or participate in one. I WANNA WRITE FAN-SESSIONS WITH MY OCS!!! *pouts* #Homestuck. The Ogre is the Yin force — the Passive A Theory about the Pink Sun as ALOT more than just that Okay so I don’t want to get too carried away too quickly but let me start with a bit of background knowledge into this theory. Mar 30, 2017 · long time no homestuck! i've been spriting a lot recently for a fanventure of sorts, but the sessions are big, so i had to resort to some fanmade classes. Homestuck I wanna cosplay this, I have the skirt and shoes I just need the shirt and shades<==I love gender bents Gawd, even female Dave had better fashion sence then me. Both Karkat Vantas and Aradia Megido call their own session a null session after Jack Noir prevented them from obtaining the Ultimate Reward, even ROSE: Literature on the subject says null sessions are actually very common. May 07, 2020 · Belated but general-purpose answer: If you have a Time player Land that hasn't had its Beat Mesa destroyed yet, get denizen-grade gear and Scratch that all the way through, and then get out of the incipisphere before it gets timeline-static-deleted. #fanfic · #homestuck · #mspa · #oc universe · #troll 1970-01-01 00:00:00 Hello guys, It's SuperBearNeo here and it's been a while since i made a blog. I enjoy going on jogs, singing, and playing baseball. #homestuck #fantroll #minera estier #nakale prosop #troll call The Veil is the Asteroid Ring surrounding the Session, and it contains Ectobiology Laboratories, as well as the Frog Temple (Only one per Planet, so arguably only the Kids’ Session would have this, but for argument’s sake, let’s say every Fan Session is a ‘Main Session’ and has the Frog Temple in it). A whole panel dedicated to Homestuck, discussing the latest epulauges, God tier, zodiac signs, trolls, and Andrew Hussie. Derse has always been destined to defeat Prospit which forces Sburb players to kill the Black King on their own to prevent Skaia's destruction by The Reckoning. We get to see five sessions over the course of the comic, only two of which are fruitful. He is one of the two rulers of planet Derse with the other being his wife The Black Queen. It was the band's second album for Victory . Studios I'm Following (1). 3: 37: Namio Harukawa Galeries by Breakwep One fan's views on Act 7 of Homestuck. 6 player human session. Homestuck John Egbert Sprite Pin. MS Paint Adventures is a very OP verse. this results in all the non-canonical fan fiction pairing stuff like marriage, children, babies and relationships and Gamzee having a "redemption arc" that no one sane believes him about. While this refers to any session that fails to create a universe, it also seems to refer to sessions where the players create a universe but are still unable to win. The CAPS LOCK key is LOCKED. Mikey Mason Comedy Show (18+) Guest Presenter: Mikey Mason - and im pretty sure the accident has something to do with the roleplaying sessions tavros, terezi and aradia have. The album features material written while the band had been touring, which Andrew Wade helped them demo . " On the other hand, this could refer instead to the immediate future of their world after Sburb starts. They are planning to create a two player session. ====> The flowerier Premise: A game will be played. A Thief is one who steals their aspect. Talk about how to make troll horns, and the best place to buy grey skin paint. Malaak Graves has also used this abstratus though it is implied to have been one of Malias' strife specibus, it's unclear where he got it from yet. ROSE: This one is referred to as a void session. At the side of this, Minestuck is also going to include other features from Homestuck, such as the sylladex, and eventually also the strife specibus, a certain amount of homestuck-themed items, along with a mix of other items and blocks to expand on the “alchemy” system in Changing the subject, the web comic will have a total of 5 acts, (probably more) with fan kids, fan trolls, and even fan cherubs, it will have a really extended story and completely different from the original comic, there will even be characters from the original comic that will have a more important role in Sburb OMEGA than in homestuck, and Oct 20, 2013 · Sessions with Djinn often have a very large problem that affects many aspects of the game. Homestuck: New sessions (AU) 991 A whole new session and new trials in entirely different universes in Paradox Space. Nov 27, 2019 · In Homestuck, all universes are birthed from other universes via sessions of Sburb. been reading Candy, haven't gotten to Meat yet: Okay so, John decides not to take care of Lord English. A demon, one who devours universes and strikes fear into the horrorterrors themselves has appeared, one who has set his sights on all destroying all existence. This is Sam Jennings’ music collection on Bandcamp. mspa, headcanons, homestuck. Conclusion. and quick - yet passionate - kisses over heavy make out sessions. It's about time someone covers this verse in a little more detail. Despite objects and people created by it existing, all traces of the game are missing, including the First Guardian The Canon trolls existThe Condesce, Summoner, Handmaid, Karkat, Tavros, etc. Read Fan Aspects from the story Homestuck Headcanons by LukeRoscoe235 with 324 reads. With Pesterquest, Hiveswap, and Homestuck^2 all still in progress, how this relationship will change remains to be seen. The Inuit Sessions (gift given) by Circa Survive by Homestuck. Here you'll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, Kindle eBooks, Audible audiobooks, and so much more. she seems to think Dirk's the good guy. After Homestuck's end, What Pumpkin  Barren Session [Game Over] by unofficialmspafans, released 24 November 2012 . 610 likes. 571 likes. My guess would have to be that Jack English was completely created in the Vriska-dies alpha, and was “duplicated” for the other one while he was in the furthest ring (because there’s only one furthest ring. This includes, but may not be limited to, powers of a certain god tier, weapons a certain god tier may be proficient with, how well a team might do in a session, potential land names and quests for titles, and pretty much anything else you can think of. tumblr. 26 Aug 2015 A Homestuck blog that analyzes your fan sessions. I will touch up on the other Aspect pairs later, maybe (BIG maybe). May 04, 2017 · In this image, Rose is the Yang force — Actively forcing her needles into an Ogre’s eyes, then turning her threads into a harness and riding it. As for your question, translations are a very strong maybe. Dec 31, 2016 · How to make a Sburb land. com…! i merely designed them and made sprites. Any dungeon on your land. 39: 3,010 [IC] - A Second Chance by tokoro Jan 11, 2020 7:15:47 GMT -5: Fan Adventures. Jun 08, 2016 · Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. SBURBSim is a fanmade browser simulation of a game called "SBURB", from the popular webcomic Homestuck, which destroys a planet and allows the survivors to attempt to achieve godhood and create a Universe. the funny part is that its canon 11 Jun 2016 I've started my own Homestuck inspired fan adventure that you can read on The Heir of Time's role in your session is going to be important. working on guidestuck cause I love them so much omg you have no idea. The "Things You Can Do" pile never stops from getting taller. Under A Bridge (Homestuck/DC Crossover) by account_disabled Jan 5, 2018 5:22:05 GMT -5: Session 1. Oct 09, 2012 · A Mom’s Journey into Homestuck Part 2. a month later, i went back to it and i kept reading until i realised i was slowly becoming obsessed. The Djinn understands the glitch with their knowledge and mastery of one aspect, however. He was the only one to survive his sessions thief rampage Godtiers as the Mage of Time And genesis-project-news replied: Hello! It’s always awesome seeing people play the game all across the world. The Amazon. It was made by my friend, who's writing this fan session with me! First picture A new session, a barren session has begun, one with unusually close ties to other sessions, and a new threat has appeared. Community for Homestuck fantrolls!! more homestuck fanclasses bc the fanventure sessions never end the design is very obviously based off of the seven stakes of purgatory from umineko no naku koro ni. - 2 troll sessions and 1 human session (whether they link-up together remains to be seen). Sketch requests, to be specific. We can analyze and discuss all things Homestuck and show off our cosplays. This would not be unusual by itself, but this just happens to be a game that also destroys the world. SBURB may make exceptions for Convergent Sessions in order to better facilitate the converging chains (by creating the illusion that the chains are entirely separate Sessions) but these are extenuating circumstances and we’ve few examples to go off. Though they were different ages when they started their respective sessions, Rose would have been about the same age as Roxy by the time they met, what with the travel period on the meteor. May 02, 2020 · I have nothing to do during quarantine and following your blog has made me ravenous for fan sessions!! I’m sure there’s some fan adventures like that, but I sadly know none! You could also set some Fan Session of your own with friends. - uhhh we met aradia! well, we got her name! and her interests! she used to like a lot of things but then unfortunately got bored and grew One more Homestuck Mythological Role analysis blog. The Awfully Horribly Bad Mod Squad currently consists of: Whimsy. Submit an analysis Jun 19, 2016 · Homestuck Class Analysis: Thief. The client of the game has no need to interact with the computer and can freely roam around SBURB/SGRUB (Homestuck) SBURB Fan Session; Summary. I know I haven’t been posting a lot of Homestuck stuff lately so here is my interpretation for the parts of reality that my two favorite Aspects make up as my apology for that. It … COLLAB! RP REQUESTS! Homestuck! Hiveswap! ==>JOHN EGBERT WAS HIS NAME. Roleplay Forums Topics Posts This is where the Troll's Sgrub sessions will be taking place Anything from Fanfics to future characters to rants about Homestuck Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon is an official continuation of Homestuck following after the epilogues. One of the ways to describe it is a catch-all genre parody. it is a female exclusive class. A younger Armsmaster to excuse him being less of a jaded dick. Again, ask box is closed until Monday afternoon, and all session asks will be answered once all the singular titles are answered. There are thousands of homestuck cosplayers, many (if not all) of them often attend anime conventions or simmilar events, though Homestuck is no anime in itself. A fandom is a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest. It’s being made by a small, independent team, and it Jul 20, 2015 - We have got to get Hussie to actually explain this to us. The Black King is a minor antagonist in Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck. 1) I will now be taking art requests. Well, basically it is a universe where oc's and others will live out their sessions. I will now work on powers, lands, strife specibus and sessions. A Homestuck blog that analyzes your fan sessions. There is a post to go by right over here; In my sorta-universal-creation-story-idea for the Homestuck universe…es , the Maid of Void is the one who creates the Horrorterrors and the Furthest Ring where they reside as an opposite to the Maid of Life’s creations. Let's move on to a more interesting  Eight gamers play a game. This is a Homestuck-based fansession that had a major D&D-like battle at the end, and it was all-out chaos. However, Unlike every Fan-session ever who uses Aliens, Alternate Sessions, or "Mods," I will instead run a normal session where the only I’m thinking of doing the Dancestors too! let me know if I should do popular fan-sessions too. Dave strider as a girl "Too hot. A Homestuck fan session about me and my friends. homestuck-classpect-analysis: Canon Thieves: Vriska Serket (Thief of Light), Meenah Peixes (Thief of Life) Despite there being only two canon Thieves, we know a decent amount about this class because both are fairly prominent in the story. Homestuck #Dave #Strider I wanna cosplay this, I have the skirt and shoes I just need the shirt and shades Feb 28, 2015 - Explore wwwlostsilver's board "Homestuck Dave" on Pinterest. Apr 26, 2014 · No sessions, ectobiology, classes, aspects, god tiers, or grist exist in the Omega Timeline. A Maid of Void would start out pretty social, often hanging out with friends and making new ones all the time. Before i go into depth about it's ideas artisticDreamweaver's Homestuck blog Hello and welcome to my blog. Or if you’d just like to support me in general. And it will leave a mess in its wake. The pack includes 1 character, 1 stage, multiple spirits and an assist trophy. It’s surreal seeing the reach of what we’ve made. Put your best foot foreward! Impress us! Woo us! Strut your stuff. Mod Rogue here, finally risen from the dead. Local Rogue of Void here. [Fan Troll Call] 2 years ago - 24 notes - Reblog. Showing search results for [homestuck]. ROSE: It is any session resulting in failure, and as such, designed to result in failure from the start, due to Skaia's comprehensive "knowledge" of its own fate, and that of all it illumines. If Skaia considers the Prince to be ‘strong enough’ to defeat its target (essentially, if he’s high enough on the echeladder), or if it considers the target’s death as part of the alpha timeline, then the target is instantly destroyed Feb 20, 2014 · Rolestuck is a forum made for roleplaying sessions for the web-comic "Homestuck", here you will be able to create your own fan-characters/trolls and use them to play sessions of the game "Sburb" or "Sgrub" for the trolls. 4 player human session. homestuck fan sessions

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