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First, definition: Fanfiction is when someone takes either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work, whether it be a novel, tv show, movie, etc, and create their own story based on it. Star Trek Voyager - Virtual Season 7. org by its members. Net Adult-FanFiction. A-C Reviewer can be reached at lunacy@lunacyreviews. Welcome to Star Trek Fan Fiction. Killed in June of 2380 aboard a Borg supercube in the Sol System. J/C Rated MA October 2009 Summary: Changes in the timeline, now 'Imperfection' is in season 6, and more of Jennica and Janeway's story. Trek-Voyager fanfiction fans are the best! A Star Trek Voyager Fanfiction - I have written my first and I hope you guys like it. Chakotay/Kathryn Janeway. is an archive of fan fiction based on Voyager that centers on (in whole, or in part) the ship's crew outside of the senior staff. Take the time to read this story. The Version 2. On this page will be links to some of the many MANY sites out there containing fabulous fanfiction! Also, you can read my own fanfic efforts by clicking the link below! Stöbere in mehr als einer halben Million Geschichten zu Fanfiction, Poesie und Prosa. I have made many great friends through a shared fascination with Voyager in general and the Janeway/Chakotay relationship in particular. 2014 by BookDyke // Years ago when Star Trek Voyager started I was fascinated, I found Captain Janeway both commanding and attractive, a worthy successor to Picard for a starship, I enjoyed most of the first season. " This is the home of Alternative Voyages, my slowly growing A/U in which Voyager is relocated to the Delta Quadrant after the War with the Dominion. Category: Chakotay/Paris Fanfiction | Genres: Angst, Romance Warnings: None Challenge: None Differences. The titles are listed in order of appearance here with their size (in kilobytes or other convenient units), rating (PG or G mostly, with none rated above PG-13), character codes (J/C, P/T, etc. "Duh," Kathryn shrugged. Here's a selection of some of the most interesting Janeway/Chakotay focused fanfics (in our humble opinion) with a quality storyline - some plots we've seen  When the first reunion of Voyager's return comes around, Chakotay doesn't attend, making Kathryn Janeway very angry and leading to a dramatic, personal, and  1 - 20 of 8053 Works in Star Trek: Voyager Fandoms: Star Trek: Voyager Kathryn Janeway · Chakotay (Star Trek) · Caryl · caryl fanfiction · j/c - Freeform  This is a Star Trek Voyager fanfiction. / The Just Between Series (Star Trek Voyager Fanfiction) by Gina Dartt 11. ) And you know the characters who fit into one of these categories, but feature in less than 100 fics on AO3? Jul 12, 2012 · 2,795,572 views. 0 (Tue 13 Jan 2376): Voyager finally returns to Earth and must deal with the repercussions of the events of their six-year journey, as well as their long absence. Sapphire's Book of Musings. Seven of Nine spock Star Fleet star trek timeship atlantis torres tos tuvok Voyager vulcan Will WordPress and Trek Fan LA's Voyager Fanfiction An excellent writer of fic who's interested in J/C, P/T and all of the Lower Decks Crew. Posted in Kate Shadow, tagged fanfiction, J/7, PWP, sequel, ST:Voyager on 13/03/2011| Leave a Comment » Synopsis: It’s Christmas again. To contact the site owner, write to admin (at) ventura33. Like this video? Sign in to make your opinion count. They had crossed an invisible line on an unseen star chart, and unwittingly offended an unknown race using unfamiliar weaponry. Can take place before, during, and after the Voyager series. star trek voyager fanfiction in blogs Found: 2 matches 1st Place: Voyager Author, Voyager Het, Voyager Slash, Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Male, Voyager Male/Male, Voyager Other Het (The Fourth Estate) Voyager Group (Tied between The Fourth Estate and Note of What is Yet to Be) Voyager Single (Note of What is Yet to Be), 2nd Place: Voyager Het, Voyager Slash (Note of What is Yet to Be) kj's j/c fanfiction janeway & chakotay : chakotay: kathryn & welcome to my page dedicated to the relationship between voyager's commanding officers who are destined to be together with or without the blessings of paramount The Voyager Coronary may be the funniest Trek parody I’ve ever read. Belanna said: ↑. No Archive Warnings Apply. “I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation starship Voyager. Ten years after Voyager's return from a 23 year journey across the galaxy, Admiral Janeway breaks all the temporal rules and journeys back in time to change a decision she made that prolonged their journey by 16 years. Picard is a show about a lot of things, but it’s primarily a show about legacy, about the things we create to leave behind and the way those things turn against us. The smaller ship warns Voyager off and before Voyager can help the ship is destroyed. ” That’s fine Angst fanfic - goxuyenviet. A very short, somewhat sweet, have-your-hanky-in-hand relationshipper fanfic. Full Version - Desktops/Laptops. Annabeth and leo friendship fanfiction Re: Question about Mega Voyager Have it written in Japanese when INET is supposed to be the International Network of Excel-science and Technology? Obviously they use English because it is an International language, like what BozQ says, it is the most widely used language in the world. Pages Navigation. All I own is Jaden and her storyline. About Star Trek Voyager "Kathryn Janeway is the captain of a starship that is lost in space and must travel across an unexplored region of the galaxy to find its way back home The stories in this section are intended for mature readers only. By clicking on them you verify that you are of an age to read such things in your part of the world and that you are not going to whine at me about either how depraved or how boring I am. The Delta Federation is built from my belief that they should never have tried to return to the Alpha Quadrant. Well, another week and nothing new yet. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. A openminded, entertaining, and refreshing Voyager board for grownups. I'm a new but massive star trek fan and have just finished watching voyager. ” I suggest you read that story first (it is available on my profile page). They acknowledged my presence, often greeting me verbally. Welcome to my Voyager site. Here you'll find my dabbles in the world of Trek - TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. A few of us gathered again in Cleveland for a special Voyager Gala with the Captain and a few of her closest Passion and Perfection-- Voyager T/7, BtVS, Bad Girls, Stargate, Babylon 5 and other fandoms from a variety of writers. com Angst fanfic stellar cartography. TV Shows: StarTrek: Voyager fanfiction archive with over 10,163 stories. H Heartwing's Star Trek Voyager J/C Web Page This is a Star Trek Voyager fanfiction. But then he gets an urgent message from Chakotay. Features canon characters from the four Trek television series. Specifically, it will be a ST: Voyager fan fiction. Tom Paris with the only apparent difference being an amazing mustache). Ensign Stephens by Rob Morris. However there are survivors and through a number of events Voyager becomes embroiled in a civil war one which emphasizes the differences between Voyager’s Starfleet and Maquis crew members. Seema's Fanfic : Welcome to my fanfic page. J and C friendship. Bini Filters (My OC) is a small girl that was thrown into a lot of bad situations during bad times befriends the Captain’s two children, Micheal and Sarah Janeway as the crew of Voyager is thrown across the galaxy to the Delta Quadrant. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. She was admitted to Starfleet academy but dropped out before graduating. The sort of stories you can curl up on the sofa with, while the weather does its worst outside, and can finish reading before your tea goes cold and your biscuit goes soggy in the saucer. What else have you got?" Dec 13, 2018 · Sometimes, when you blog about fiction, people say things to you that are inexplicable—things like, “I hated the winged horse,” or “I wanted to set this book on fire. They are divided into short, middling and long stories and filk. In addition you'll find an extensive page of links , and some pictures of a certain blue-eyed actor. Here are the 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About Star Trek: Voyager. This is fanfiction. The site is no longer being updated with new content, but the existing stories, written from 2000 to 2009, will remain available. This link will take you in   Voyager is boarded by alien soldiers and Kathryn is seperated from her crew and held on the bridge. Here you will find a collection of my Janeway/Chakotay stories. Stories that feature any of the main Voyager characters, though most of the stories will be centered around Kathryn Janeway since she's my favorite character. Work in Progress. 26. vanhunks . An article exploring the legal reality of fanfiction and its copyright protection, meant to inform writers of fanfiction about their rights. Janeway, Seven, the Doctor--mmmm, good ficcin'!  Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager Pairing: Janeway/Seven. Betrayal . It started out as a little joke, but since then, it’s become a monster that could barely be stopped. This is a Star Trek Voyager fanfiction. The Janeway and Paris Omnibus. Other VOY stories that involve adult characters in intimate relationships can be found in the Mature Themes section. "Death Wish," one of Star Trek: Voyager's edgiest and most-controversial episodes, aired 19 years ago today: February 19, 1996. Buffy doesn't take it well. I've updated this links from the last time this list was posted on my old site, and put direct links to every story and the author's website where availableNow reading Janeway/Seven Voyager encounters death and destruction on a remote planet, and Captain Janeway must help Seven of Nine understand the nature of evil. She put herself in the same position the crew of Voyager did when they brought her aboard. The Path of Most Resistance by Sean O'Keefe 2014. femslash fan fiction for eReader. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions. Minors, please do not follow this link without parental permission. Over the years, my style has changed and the ideas I choose to write have also evolved. We are working hard to be the best Voyager Pics site on the web! Annabeth and leo friendship fanfiction. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. Janeway/Seven is the main femslash pairing of the fandom. :) It is one of my better ones of her. And they considered me a part of that celebration, a component to Voyager’s success at reaching the Alpha Quadrant. Fan run and free since 1994 The Voyager relaunch is a moniker given to the set of novels written after the events of "Endgame", the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager. 15 Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan didn't get along Welcome to the subreddit all about Star Trek: Voyager! The aim of this subreddit is to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to discuss all things Voyager related. The Dove of Peace flies from site to site, through as many countries as possible. do I really need to say more #airachnid #arcee #lost #megatron #optimus #prime #sparkling #tfp Transformers Prime: Bumblebee Prime Fanfiction. Their relationship is the second most popular Voyager ship, and the only canon Voyager relationship on this list. They were happy. Kiki Dee 06/18/04 Blonde/Redhead 385KB Crossover with ER. TV Shows: StarTrek: Voyager fanfiction archive with over 10186 stories. As she struggles just to stay alive, Chakotay must come up  10 Feb 2020 The romantic elements of fanfiction are key to what drives the fic community Janeway/Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager (704 fics). Characters Vice Admiral Kathryn Elizabeth Janeway (2377 - 2380; 2381-) - Promoted to the admiralty after returning home from the Delta Quadrant in December of 2377. 5 virtual season group. All are romantic, some are light and fluffy, some are full of angst, but all have a happy ending. After three shows focusing on a male captain, Voyager features the first female captain as the main character of a Star Trek franchise. Enter at your own risk!! Voyager – Mature Themes. Don't like this video? Sign in to make your opinion count. Star Trek: Voyager Dead End Game. P-U Reviewer can be reached at lunacy@lunacyreviews. "Jackson, you are the first human to ever 12 Jul 2016 For Jackson Darby, average human teen, working at a burger joint in the Adventure/Romance - [Arcee, Jack D. The ship cast adrift, Seven badly injured with an inner voice that seems to be out to get her, and only B'elanna is around to care for her. not my favorite  Just a quick note to say to anyone who doesn't check fanfiction. All stories will open in a new window. com or at my LJ. Our community of authors offer a welcoming environment to read or contribute, by providing a friendly enclave in which to discuss, publish, and collaborate. Previous Month Next Month January February March April May June July August September October November December. VAMB. Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres are another canon couple with some great representation on Ao3. Have You Ever Seen These Optimus Prime Anime Hella Sexy Pics Of Autobots and Decepticons Transformers: The Last Knight Phone Wallpaper Adult-FanFiction. Spoilers: Spoilers up through "Body and Soul" (7 th . Voyager On May 23rd, 2001, the final episode of the series of missed Godlike merlin fanfiction Hermione haircut fanfiction An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Hermione haircut fanfiction Along the way many things g Fanfiction The fate of humanity is at stake when two races of robots,Autobots and Decepticons bring just war down on Earth. The fourth series in the Star Trek franchise, it served as the third sequel to Star Trek: The Original Series. "Right. B'Elanna Torres / b ɪ ˈ l ɑː n ə / is a main character in Star Trek: Voyager played by Roxann Dawson. com Angst fanfic Toggle Calendar. " The buxom blonde hesitated, then handed the PADD to the Klingon. The titles are  Summary: After Voyager's return, Janeway and Tuvok build a future together. ) Another term for this type of writing is "fan fiction. One that both emphasizes and celebrates the differences. This work is Janeway/Chakotay, set after Endgame. Welcome to my Voyager Fanfiction site. I made the animation using Blender 3D and Adobe After Effects. An Alternate Universe to Star Trek Voyager. Contact me. Voyager On May 23rd, 2001, the final episode of the series of missed Godlike merlin fanfiction star trek voyager endgame review Another die hard JCer in attendance! So, as one can expect, my Voyager stories usually contain JC aspects in. Annabeth and leo friendship fanfiction Annabeth and leo friendship fanfiction. That Broken: A Transformers Fanfic Fanfiction. This fanfiction site focuses on Star Trek: Voyager, with a J/C bias, and Stargate SG-1, with an S/J and D/V bias. Although it's only four chapters, the story is complete as a short story. But I may continu  V'dians attack Voyager and it is up to the Borg, 7 of 9, to defend the ship. The story follows a Q named Quinn, played by Gerrit Graham, who seeks asylum aboard Voyager so that he can commit suicide in order to end the tedium he's endured as an immortal being. All pairings are between adults, whether human or otherwise. Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue. They are borrowed only. NO SLASH! A lot of the stories will probably be Janeway/Chakotay, because this started community as Janeway & Chakotay Fic. Net Adult-FanFiction. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the StarTrek: Voyager universe. "Any of yours can join our pre-cadets in the schools I told Tuvok to setup. Families are reunited, old wounds 1999 Year 2 of my fanfic writing career. Stories are listed in according to the date they were posted or last updated, with the most recent stories at the top. Fics: 20. The Another Time über series [P/T] The Paris and Seven Collection. Nov 10, 2017 · In the end, Voyager ran for seven successful seasons and created many beloved characters like Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine, but the journey to get there was far from easy. Suddenly I was inspired. Complete. All stories written by Suz, unless otherwise indicated. here is a fake i did of kate last week. Hope there will be a sequel. Tuvok/Paris Fanfiction [12] Other Results: 3 Off-site Recommendations Ratings G PG PG to PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 to R R R to NC-17 NC-17 PG to NC-17 Genres A/U Action Adventure Angst Crossover Drama First time Horror Humor Hurt/Comfort none Parody Poetry PWP Romance Songfic Warnings BDSM Character Death MPREG Non-con Non-con (implied) Rape Semi non Squidge. Tom is stranded alone on a friendly planet on his and Chakotay's first anniversary. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good fanfiction site (not just for voyager) so I can keep enjoying all things star trek. Veröffentliche deine eigenen Werke für eine große Anzahl von Lesern und tausche dich mit Gleichgesinnten aus. As a Voyager story I'd say it's one of the best I've read. YouTube Premium. I really don't know! I'm working on it now, though! Star Trek: Voyager is an American science fiction television series created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor. Reviews of Star Trek Voyager alternative fan fiction - A-C. Voyager pairings come in every combinations under the sun, some well followed, such as J/C and P/T, and others not so well followed. Updated Link Sel's B5 Fanfiction -- image gallery and fanfiction. (Buffy/Star Trek/Mass Effect) Q comes to retrieve, or otherwise finds and wants to return, Dawn the Key. Let Justice Prevail or the Heavens Fall by Kath Tate Rated N/A. ORG is your one-stop fen-support spot for all things fan fiction and fen friendly hosting! From all fandoms, new to old, and everything in between, it's on Squidge. g. Can we assist you?” The Borg female answered in   Where am I now? This is the home-away-from-home of Jemima's Voyager stories . Lower Decks is an archive of fan fiction based on Star Trek: Voyager that centres on (in whole, or in part) the crew of the USS Voyager NC-74656 outside of the senior staff. Do not show each other what you have written, until the end of the exercise. Get YouTube without the ads. " She began VOYAGER stories by Linda Bindner Disclaimer: The Star Trek characters and the Star Trek universe are the property of Paramount Pictures. net 2003 Frazzled's/Kathryn O'Connell's Page FanFiction. It's home to the Voyager novels Eclipsed, Institutionalized, Questions, and Filling the Void, as well as the Stargate SG-1 S/J novel Xanadu, it's D/V sequel Return to Xanadu, and the action packed comedy Badfic!Pete and the Temple of Doom. It is as follows: On your first strike after this mod post, you will be given a 3-7 day threadban. There was a desk with various things scattered about on it, such as empty beakers and a can of Visco. Or more precisely what their relationship might have been if, at the end of the episode The Voyager Conspiracy, Captain Janeway had said what was really on her mind while she was kneeling in front of Seven! Last Video Update: 27th View Voyager Pics and every kind of Voyager sex you could want - and it will always be free! We can assure you that nobody has more variety of porn content than we do. the kimly archive - Voyager fanfiction for PDAs, specifically eReader. There are over 100 stories in my fanfiction list now and that doesn't include the drabbles and my collaborative efforts with others. Supernatural fanfiction sam mpreg water broke Will be right back Thank you for your patience. VOYAGER. . These friends live all over the world, work in dozens of fields, and range in age from teenagers to retirees, and yet we have managed to overlook our differences and find common ground. The story has been nagging me ever since to be finished. org. Janeway and Seven celebrate the holidays and their first anniversary. star trek voyager endgame full episode part 1 PDF version my website. Pairing: J/C Rated T Summary: The betrayal last forever Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own the series and the characters that are related to Star Trek: Voyager, but the story is mine. Not all of this material is explicit; however, it is meant for an older audience. But I'm curious about the words. show a richness in the development of both theme and characters a like of which is seldom seen. Set after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant. - Fabeola - Feb-18-2008 This story and others by H. Dec 20, 2000 · Read the Koffee Klub's unique brand of fanfiction. of words are we talking about here?" "Do you wish to take the survey?" "No. My Janeway and Chakotay Treasure Trove. Brought back September May 23, 2001 · Directed by Allan Kroeker. With Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, Robert Duncan McNeill. They were home. The Starship Voyager was under the kind of attack that the Starship Voyager often found itself under. She is portrayed as a half-human half-Klingon born in 2346 on the Federation colony Kessik IV. The Doctor wholeheartedly denies that his holonovel is based on Voyager—despite that it's about a starship lost in the Delta Quadrant, with the medical officer replaced by an EMH who wears a mobile emitter, and the crew look similar to the Voyager crew (e. Navigation and Actions. The Nature of Faith 18 Janeway/Seven This fanfiction site focuses on Star Trek: Voyager, with a J/C bias, and Stargate SG-1, with an S/J and D/V bias. No C/7 here. net : Voyager (You can add a pairing filter to find J/C stories) G Gate's Star Trek Voyager FanFiction & Fiddles GAWilliams' Musings In Space Ghosteye99's Page. org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction. ) and date of original An Alternate Universe to Star Trek Voyager. Stories are listed in chronological order (the order I wrote them, not the chronology of the show), apart from the series and drabbles, which appear at the top. Sazzy's J/7 Fanfic Any comments are welcomed, you can email me here Or come and see what's going on at the J/7 Forum, which not only contains updates on my work, but also a whole host of other discussions, games and friendly people. I first found it posted at The Trek BBS, and I laughed myself silly every chapter. If this is your first visit to Sapphire's Book of Musings, please read Warnings and Disclaimers About Me I've been writing fanfic online since 1996. Rating, etc. Starship Down 1-2 3 18 B'Elanna/Seven Following a crippling attack the crew of the USS Voyager abandon ship and fleeall except two, Seven and B'Elanna. star trek TOS Voyager fanfic fanfiction fan fic fan fiction stories artwork art work parody humor Klingons Janeway Chakotay J/C top 10 ten lists Elem's Voyager Fan Fiction Eos' Voyager Fanfiction Eydie Munroe's Page. And I dedicated it to @muldyfi because she corrupted me with J/C. Jan 14, 2018 · As a fellow Star Trek fan, It is a privilege to share another animation. Image courtesy of Star Trek In Sound and Vision. PG-13 . Finished Stories . " And it's FUN! This web site primarily celebrates the romance of Star Trek Voyager's favorite couple: Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres through the use of fan fiction and poetry. Janeway and Tuvok's Security Briefs Anatomy of an eight-sided note book A fleeting moment Bored with how things are going to play out, Janus interferes more directly in Halloween, making things more interesting and changing the course of the entire Galaxy. Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa "Hmm, and here I thought it was just a bad fanfiction trying to bring in characters that were too young," Chakotay chuckled. : 13+, for language and sexual innuendo. Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant couldn't have happened at a worse moment for the Maquis crew. Supernatural fanfiction sam mpreg water broke. There are a couple of reasons for this decision. STAR TREK: VOYAGER FANFICTION. Rating is available But no, she is now there with Harry Potter, facing challenge and accomplishes throughout her years at Read The golden egg - clue figured out from the story Born with the blood of the devil (A Harry Potter fanfiction) by Animelover112523 (Anime and BTS lover) wi This Star Trek: Voyager fanfic is a classic parody of mpreg fanfic cliches. Please note that as of the 6th season, Voyager is only 35,000ly from the Alpha Quadrant. Dreams and writings about my two favorite characters of Star Trek Voyager: Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay. Set the very day before she took command of the USS Voyager, Commander Kathryn Janeway is faced with a fateful choice that may change the path of her life and lead her to a completely different destiny. This FAN MADE model was created by Ricky Wallace. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Star Trek: Voyager fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Due to the sheer amount of reports and general misbehaving this thread has been generating on a regular basis, we will be adopting a three strikes rule. Search. But I may These stories do contain adult content and are not suitable for children under the age of 18! R: Parental consent required for reading by anyone under the age of 18; stories may contain descriptions of sexual intercourse but will probably not be fully explicit. We’re constantly running into remnants of our characters’ past. You’ll find stories from all four series here (this website is a prequel-free zone), plus some crossovers, post-Voyager stories, and original characters. Jun 02, 2005 · The Enterprise-D takes this fight! The Tech difference between Enterprise and Voyager would not be enough to save Voyager. You will find some fanfiction and fiddles here, so grab a caffeinated beverage and a pop-tart, plop yourself down on a beanbag and stay a while. Enjoy it! STANDARD DISCLAIMER:The characters from Star Trek Voyager belong to Paramount/Viacom and whoever else has the legal documentation to back up their claim. 0 timeline is very similar to that of the official Star Trek timeline (no, not the “canon” timeline, the “official” one, which includes ALL officially-licensed Trek tie-ins, not just what’s included at the whim of the producers). Recs - Star Trek Voyager Here's where I gush about my favorite Voyager authors, and shed a few thoughts on the stories I loved and found myself going back to time after time. This is a fanfiction board for Original, Buffy, Xena, Voyager, General Hospital, Smallville, Eminem, and crossover fanfiction as Shadows of the Night - This is a fanfiction board for Original, Buffy, Xena, Voyager, General Hospital, Smallville, Eminem, and crossover fanfiction as Post Endgame - What if B'Elanna & Harry weren't the only crewmembers the Caretaker experimented with? What if the experiment had lifelong consequences? The Doctor finally comes clean with Voyager's Captain regarding a deception seven years in the making. net regularly that northernexposure has started this wonderful story again. SACAJAWEA. Annabeth and leo friendship fanfiction Charlene's Star Trek Fan Fiction or Web Design? What Web Design? Here's a list of my stories written since 2005 and a few I wrote before then. com Welcome! Please pick what version of the website you'd prefer or click the image above. Mobile - Tablets/Phones (c) 2000 - 2020 It seems that tensions were high in the latter seasons of Star Trek: Voyager and actress Jeri Ryan is finally opening up about the matter. FANFICTION. Their relationship is one of mentor and student but also of equals because Seven of Nine is the only one who exists to some degree outside the chain of command and can meet Janeway on her own terms. 5 The first two chapters were written years ago for a Voyager group on Livejournal. Good question. This site was last updated on Friday, April 7, 2000. An event on an away mission reminds Chakotay of a conversation he once had with a well-wisher. Sure Voyager may be faster, more maneuverable has better computers, and maybe torpedo's, but a Galaxy has type 10 phasers covering every section of the ship, can launch torpedos faster and can take more damage than Voyager can. I did this webpage to collect and to store all Janeway/Seven Fanfiction. star trek voyager endgame review Another die hard JCer in attendance! So, as one can expect, my Voyager stories usually contain JC aspects in. Feel free to add a fanfic of your  18 Sep 2014 One year after Voyager's return, Chakotay and Naomi Wildman have a conversation that brings about a dramatic change for the command  Star Trek: Voyager fiddles and fanfiction featuring, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay. A Fiction and Fan Fiction Site. What kind of a boss is B'Elanna Torres really? What Welcome to my Star Trek: Voyager Fanfiction Index! This page was last updated Monday, July 2, 2001. Ryan was a guest on Aisha Tyler’s Girl on Girl podcast. StarTrek: Voyager crossover fanfiction archive. Fanfics about this pairing tend to focus mostly on their domestic life and their future together. They smiled and nodded. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. (31533772) Fanzines exist in all genres, but in STAR TREK, fanzines became something of an institution, and ran the gamut from "genzine" (general fiction) to K/S (exploring a gay relationship between Kirk and Spock. Chakotay (Star Trek) Porn with Feelings. Note: This story was written in August 1997. These stories were written solely by Linda Bindner as fan fiction and may not be reprinted (on paper or electronically) or sold without permission of the author. After spending nearly a decade with Starfleet, he fell victim to his own I passed thirty four Voyager crewmembers in the corridor on my way to my destination. star trek voyager fanfiction You can find people by interests in the page with interests. With new fic, discussions and games to relax a bit. Email me with feedback at cassatt2222 -AT- earthlink -DOT- net Many, many thanks to everyone who has stopped by here, over the years, to read. Hoo, boy, is it not affiliated with or sponsored by Paramount Pictures. I cringed when I saw that I hadn't really updated this site in over a year. Second strike is two weeks to a month Brianna Randall Significant Moments in Voyager: 1968:  Brianna is present when Roger tells Claire that Jamie may not have died at Culloden Brianna is struggling to come to terms with all she has learnt in the past few days and the intensity of Claire's reaction to the news overwhelms her (V, chapter 2) Write this fic for my own amusement and to practice writing. 1 - 20 of 7779 Works in Star Trek: Voyager. First fanfic written: November 1997. One possible conclusion to the story “Ties That Bind. Category: Chakotay/Paris Fanfiction | Genres: Angst  If you like Voyager fanfic, please make sure to check out the links below. My first online fanfic was a Star Trek: Voyager Paris and Kim gen piece. . Read, enjoy, and don't forget to feed the author. com Last modified: November 03 2012 12:33:12 Please make sure to read the EXPLANATORY NOTES before reading these reviews. For who would bear the whips and scorns of time travel, Becky's Fanfiction Recommendations SciFi I'd love to see the Enterprise fic'cers do something like the Voyager 7. Writing Exercise: Write with a partner, taking turns writing a small part of a short story. After decades of travel, Voyager is home, and Chakotay has one more person to say goodbye to. A link to an external website Elem's Voyager J/C Fanfiction submitted by a fan of Janeway/Chakotay. This website is dedicated to those who always thought they Welcome to my Voyager J/C fanfiction site. Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Categories: Voyager Characters: Janeway, Kathryn  Starship Down 1-2 3 18 B'Elanna/Seven Following a crippling attack the crew of the USS Voyager abandon ship and fleeall except two, Seven and B'Elanna. Genetically engineered, assimilated, and eventually repatriated by the crew of USS Voyager, Icheb became a valued member of their crew, joining them for the last two years of their journey back to Alpha Quadrant. That's kind of sad! I've been busy, but have I been too busy? Hmm. Bringing technology that will help fight the Borg, the Admiral wants her The ultimate antidote to NaNo, it's "three weeks of short stories of the sci-fi and fantasy kind, whether they be fanfiction or original works. In this universe, J and C never get together after Voyager’s return and, as their lives come to an end, their daughter, Olivia, struggles to understand their unusual relationship. " The Klingon took the PADD and just nodded. My Star Trek Voyager romantics fanfiction! J/C, P/T, J/P, etc. Star Trek: Voyager -- The Delta Federation. And definitely you, Jaffen. FAN FICTION FILMS . It does not belong to ANY The relevance of the above declaration has to do with the fact that will be a work of fan fiction. No infringement is intended. Soul's Revisions. Thank you What about the people who aren’t part of Voyager’s crew, but who make some kind of a lasting impression? (That means you, Jetrel, and you, Noss. Kathryn never expected that her last mission on Voyager would take By Chance : Curve Ball by Voyfan G Kathryn is forced to divulge a bit of unexpected news  Human, Janeway thought, I'll swear. Jan 22, 2013 · One of the most beloved characters on Star Trek: Voyager is Robert Picardo's EMH (short for Emergency Medical Holographic program), simply called "the Doctor. " But there was a time—when the show was taking its first baby steps into the Borg-infested Delta Quadrant—when the actor thought he'd gotten the worst part on the show. Meanwhile, back on Voyager, a hologram is ready to spill every secret they have. Voyager has crew complement of approximately 150—and each and every one of those men and women has a story, or should. Voyager Novels Voyager Short Stories BEYOND THE NEXT GENERATION STAR TREK: AUGUSTUS. Toggle Calendar. Join our forums or follow us using social media: Adult-FanFiction. I was scrolling through Tumblr and Stories that feature any of the main Voyager characters, though most of the stories will be centered around Kathryn Janeway since she's my favorite character. It originally aired from January 1995 to May 2001 on UPN, lasting for 172 episodes over seven seasons. "I request that you do not reveal the substance of the survey to others, as it will skew the results. Click to enlarge. Happy First Anniversary, Baby!-- Rated Strong R, humorous. Unbetaed - so no one to blame for the mistakes but myself. Written for the first Die J/C Die Contest. Voyager Drabbles My collection of Voyager drabbles. Icheb was a Brunali male, former Borg drone, and Delta Quadrant native who lived during the late 24th century. We have every kind of Pics that it is possible to find on the internet right here. Star Trek: Voyager is the fourth live-action television series set in the Star Trek universe. The Nature of Love 18 Janeway/Seven Janeway and Seven begin to explore what it really means to love. PG-13/ chapters 13 & 15 NC17 This is a great story, one of the best Voyager stories I've read to date. Kathryn Janeway. Protective Chakotay Club; This is the homepage of the [Cha_Club]; it archives its members Chakotay-centric fanfic (often C/P) and has a Chakotay image gallery. No monies are earned from this site or these writings. Janeway/Seven Fanfiction and Uberfiction. Transformers redF Voyager Optimus Prime. ) and date of original This is the home-away-from-home of Jemima's Voyager stories. W. Not only should Voyager have made a home on the planet of the '37's, but it also was an excellent opportunity to bring the ideals and principles of the Federation to the Delta Quadrant. I was not originally attracted to the show until I read some fantastic fan fiction about Voyager. This is an alternate future AU to my 'An Fanfiction: Star Trek: Voyager. Star Trek: Voyager. But I may Rated PG 13. The Carey - Wildman Nest. The Paris and Torres Collection. The Chakotay and Paris Cell. F Fifth Voyager. This site aims to collect the best Voyager -- and especially Janeway-- Fan Fiction sites in order to act as a guide through your journey through Voyager fan fiction  P, P/T, C/P, J/P, Tu/P and more fanfiction sorted by author, the Angst award and A Forum where you can ask questions, review fanfiction, talk Voyager, RDM or  6 Apr 2005 Re: Voyager fanfics and creations. Her fic is hosted here, so it's not far to travel! Check it out; you'll enjoy the reads. My next piece was a jump into f/m adult writing with Paris/Torres. This is the home-away-from-home of Jemima's Voyager stories. A talented Xena fanfic veteran, LZClotho expands her horizons into Voyager fanfic with a very nicely written, sensitive tale set immediately after the episode  Fanfiction Star Trek Voyager genre: new releases and popular books, including Queen of Hearts by DiNovia, Worthy of Survival by kesdax, Modifications by 28 Sep 1999 Star Trek Voyager fan fiction archive focusing on the minor crew of the USS Voyager such as Vorik, The Delaney sisters, Joe Carey, Sam  18 Sep 2015 We've been online for 16 years! - Over 48,000 lesbian fanfiction stories posted - Almost 500,000 comments posted on fanfic - 67,000 members. Feedback is always welcome at seemag1@yahoo. Reviews of Star Trek Voyager alternative fan fiction - P-U. The Ultimate Star Trek Slash Pairing Generator is not affiliated with or sponsored by the Memory Alpha wiki or Paramount Pictures. Okay. Star Trek Fan Ficition online, short stories, featuring the crew of USS Voyager; Captain Janeway, Chakotay, Paris, Torres, The Doctor, Neelix, Seven of Nine, Kes, Harry Kim, Tuvok in all new adventures as they make the long voyage back to the Alpha Quadrant Write fanfiction; Tests for the real fan-» TV Shows and Series quizzes How Well Do You Know the Captain of Voyager? Are you a trekkie? Star Trek Universe Quiz! This site is dedicated to Star Trek Voyager's Captain Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine and their relationship. But Kes’ powers cast doubt on whether this Voyager is actually the real thing, or just an illusion… Homecoming (1 Feb 2000) Stardate 214645. Accidentally Sexy by gijane7702 for Jemabean. Since its founding in early 2009, the Ad Astra Star Trek Fanfiction Archive strives to bring you quality fanfics without any of the headaches. All stories rated PG-13 unless otherwise indicated. voyager fanfiction

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