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How To Buy


Choose a Vehicle & Send Inquiry

You have the option to pick a vehicle based on its type, make, category, or by using the advanced search feature. Additionally, you can select from the most popular
cars available in your country.

Next, select your country for car registration and choose the city where the car will be delivered.

Afterwards, click on the "Calculate" button to view the total price up to your chosen delivery city.


Confirm Order

Once you've selected a vehicle, you can view its details and pictures. There are additional options to choose from, such as Escrow service, Rear view camera & Monitor, and Brand-new Battery and Tires if required.

Please review and confirm all the details, provide your information, and click on the "Order Now" button.

You will receive a proforma invoice via email. Please verify the invoice and make the payment to the bank account specified on the invoice.


Confirm Payment

To finalize the payment, please make a Bank Telegraphic Transfer within two business days from the date of the issued proforma invoice. The purchaser is responsible for covering the bank transfer charges. Once the Telegraphic transfer is done, kindly provide us with a copy of the transfer as proof of payment.


Shipping & Documents

Your vehicle will be shipped on the earliest available vessel, and we will update you with the shipping schedule once it is confirmed. Approximately one week after the departure date, the Bill of Lading will be issued. Once the Bill of Lading is issued, we will send all the required documents to you via DHL.


Custom Clearance

Please reach out to your local Customs office or clearing agent to complete the necessary procedures for customs clearance.


Enjoy Driving

If necessary, our partner clearing agents will be available to assist you in the vehicle clearance procedures. Once these processes are completed, you can finally take possession of your desired vehicle and drive it away.